Stop doubting your greatness and become the visible and magnetic photographer you are

Wanting to be seen by and attract potential clients but the thought of getting in front the camera to do something like reels is paralyzing?

Keep dropping into an energy of people pleasing and only attracting clients who only want your camera, not you. 

Assign a negative meaning every time you post work and don't get the comments and likes you need to make you feel good enough ... for now.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Let me ask you, what is it costing you to play small?
To remain unseen?

now is the time to bloom

Another year goes by and you feel like you are stuck in the same place. Only the overwhelm has a louder voice in your head.

It's so much easier to blame the market, your small town or newbie photographers, but what if I told you those things don't have the hold over your business -- your mindset AND nervous system do.

Discomfort tells us we were made for something more. Feeling "stuck" in your business is actually a good thing to have awareness of -- it's your body/mind's way of saying "something needs to change".

Are you open to change? Open to more? I can help you.

Skye Edmonds is the emotive childhood photographer behind Work of Heart Photography™ and founder of Grow Girls Collective. For the past 15 years she helped thousands of photographers create the business of their dreams at her 40+ in-person workshops across the country.

Skye is a certified trauma-informed business and life coach specializing in somatic modalities. She's committed to helping creatives get clarity, start taking action, reconnect to their feminine intuition. She stands for unapologetic vulnerability, freedom to design your life, and walk boldly in wholeness and healing freeing other women along the way.

I'm Skye, and I help overwhelmed women photographers step out of not-enoughness, sabotage and being unseen by shifting their mindset so that they can be the confident, (deliberate, not desperate), creators ready to attract soulmate clients

hey there


Let me introduce yourself to your future self. She exists you know. That girl who walks in worthiness. Shrugs off self doubt. Faces her fears with a roar. Not easily offended. Ready to accomplish her goals. Trusts her intuition. Reconnected with her body. Releases traumas. Open to receiving. Heals her relationship with money.
Bad ass AF.

You’ve read all the books. Listened to the best podcasts. Talked to your friends. You've done all you know to do - but, there's still no change. You blame yourself. It has to be you, right? (it's not) But, maybe you just need someone who can help you take the next step. And then the next step. Then the next step. And help you walk into your new life and mindset.

Let's scale your impact & your
income from the inside out

My method of action will give you steady results on your way to a life that FEELS good rather than just looks good.

Awareness isn't enough. You need to take action and I can walk you through it. Otherwise 2023 will be just like 2022.

You know there is a problem, but don't know how to solve the problem. That's where I come in. I was where you were at, sharing all the memes and telling social media "today will be different!" but it never was.

UNTIL, I started to implement specific steps into my daily life. 
I've created a system that works, without the fluff that won't get you results. But, you have to be open to doing the work. 

What you need is to remember your own magic

The problem isn't that you need another backdrop...

I can show you how every, and I mean every, issue in your business can be traced back to a root issue or core belief you've been living out your entire life. This will be a safe + supportive environment, but it will also be raw and real. I will NOT play small with you as a coach and expect you to show up fully open to change + healing.

Photographers, To be fully booked,
you have to be fully YOU

Be Fully Booked Academy

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Join my free Masterclass where I will teach why "Just Raise Your Prices" doesn't work


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In my photography journey of 18 years I've seen this advice given in a variety of photographer forums "Double your rates" and "Just raise your prices" ... and while yes, I'd say most photographers are under-charging, there is a deeper issue here that I address in my Masterclass. 

You can no longer afford to stay hidden in the shadows of your business. You have a purpose, a message and there are people who need what only YOU have. 

YOU are the niche of your business. The secret sauce. The magic. It's always been you. And it's time we take a look at all the junk that's told you otherwise and set you on your path to greatness.

Imagine having a business free from not feeling good enough

Stop the cycle of perpetual fight, flight, freeze or fawn 
Kick hustle culture to the curb and step into flow
Creating a business that is aligned and FEELS good 
Bring safety to an anxious body with grounding techniques

In this module will lay the life-changing foundation for the other modules. What would it FEEL like to shift out of overwhelm and find safety in your body as you level-up and make more money?

Out of Overwhelm

Module 1 | The Nervous System

Here's what we
will cover...

Stop the cycle of repressing, distracting + numbing emotions
What is intuition and why we need it as creative women
Easy-to-do process to actually begin to feel again
Learn coping skills for when life becomes too heavy  

Come home to your body and learn how to regulate your emotions and expand your capacity. When we numb feelings like sadness, we also numb feelings of joy. It can feel safe to feel again. 

Expanding Capacity

Module 2 | Emotion REgulation

  • Dive into those core beliefs that cause you to play small
  • Dismantling the redlight stories putting the brakes on success
  • The one question that will shift things immediately
  • Thought and mind-management that brings results

Think you know mindset work? I will take mindset to another level without any toxic positivity -- I will show you what works and works quickly. Stop intrusive thoughts that wreck your nervous system

The Stories We Tell

Module 3 | Mindset + Beliefs

This module is a favorite of mine and what solidifies everything you learn in the first few modules - no "faking it until you make it" BS here. I will show you how to become HER 

Becoming Her

Module 4 | Energetics + Embodiment

  • Shakedown Imposter Syndrome 
  • No more "grabby" or convincing energy with clients 
  • Energy vs strategy in business
  • The secret to stepping into your future self NOW
  • Becoming magnetic with your aligned message
  • What's blocking you from attracting soulmate clients
  • Why impact is greater than influence 
  • Shift out of people pleasing and self-abandonment 

In this module we will focus on service mindset and being magnetic to attract those soulmate clients that light you up inside. Struggle with boundaries in business? This is for you.

Attracting Soulmate Clients

Module 5 | Service + Attraction

How self-sabotage + procrastination have been serving you
Why being visible in your business feels so heavy 
Facing the fear bigger than fear of failure 
Unravel jealousy + comparison which stops creativity 

Begin to unravel your alliance with being unseen in your business (and life). You were meant to shine. I will teach you how to do this and still feel safe. Includes EFT Tapping video on visibility blocks

Unseen to Unstoppable

Module 6 | Visibility + Messaging  

Taking the sting out of client objections 
How to price from power and not fear  
Pre-sales session guided visualization audio
Redefine for yourself what sales gets to look and feel like

What would your business FEEL like if you loved selling? In this module I will show you that SALES DON'T HAVE TO BE ICkY. We will also dive into how you can set powerful pricing

Soulful Sales + Pricing

Module 7 | Powerful Sales + Pricing

Learn how to receive, hold and KEEP more income 
Tearing down childhood money mindsets
How to adjust your financial set point (upwards)
Defeat money "upper limit" roadblocks and into expansion

In this module we will walk through all that gets in your way to attracting and receiving money into your business - including bonus EFT tapping videos for abundance by Skye  

Money Flow + Abundance

Module Eight | Money Beliefs

Modules 1-9 have 12+ hours of video content, as well as text and audio content to help transform your business (yours to enjoy forever).



Step powerfully into your full you and attract clients who are ready to buy your services

Have a framework of steps and strategy to take you out of overwhelm

By the end of this course, you will...

Five years ago, I was broke and broken and tired and overwhelmed.

My first book for photographers did over a million in sales. But it wasn't enough. I lost 125 lbs and hit my goal weight but it wasn't enough. I taught thousands to sold out workshops with people attending from countries all over the world but it wasn't enough.

It wasn't enough because I held a core belief that I wasn't enough. I unknowingly sought out situations that only re-affirmed my (wrong) belief that I was unworthy and attracted situations and people that would reject me and leave me disappointed.

One of the best investments I made in myself in 2017 until now, is the hiring of coaches, in-depth courses, and of course, therapy. I've gathered the most imperative, life-changing, information and will present it in an easy-to-understand, no-judgment format. 

Not long ago i was where you are

At this time only the self-study version is available. This is for those who wish to learn at their own pace. The course is yours to keep forever. The course drops a new module each Monday starting December 5th for all 8 modules. Enjoy bonuses now.

VIP group coaching

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8 module digital course
Keep digital course forever 
Journal Collection ($97)

This package includes:

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Self-Study Version

Opportunity to discounted upgrade to group coaching next time it's offered.

Flying Dress Shoot Teaching  Video

bonus number 2

Didn't get to make it to my 2022 in-person Workshop in Dallas before I retired from teaching them? Included for a limited time only is my 3-4 hour teaching I did for workshop attendees April 2022. Will receive after payment.

I'll show you my personal tips + tricks to capturing beautiful movement-based images (I called it storyteller movement) at my Dallas 2022 workshop. Will receive after payment.

Teaching from 2021 In-Person Workshop



Editing Video Collection


I'll show you how I shoot in harsh light in the desert of Las Vegas. What are my tips + tricks for navigating around the light or choosing the embrace it. Available December 1st.

I'll show you my personal editing process from start to finish. Please note I use photoshop only and do use actions. I will share my favorite actions and how/when I use sun flare in and image, how I accent the facial features, etc. Available after payment.

Shooting in Harsh Light Teaching Video

Full payment all levels Bonus #1


Includes templates + worksheets + journals (heartwork) for you to work on at your own pace ($197 value)

I reached a point where I'd wanted to throttle every "photographer expert" who told me just to "raise my prices" and the clients would come. They didn't. And then I discovered what my issue was all along. Me.

Photographers, you don't have a PRICING problem, you have a VALUE problem. I can show you how simple shifts can transform every aspect of your business, from profits, connection, posing ... all of it.

I’m finally able to truly connect with my clients and give them the images they deserve. Images free from the burden of validating my worth … because now, I know my worth. And I want to show you the way. 

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

be brave with your life ...

At this time this course is only self-study. It will begin on December 1st, or otherwise the date you purchase it will begin on the following Monday. Your bonuses will be available after purchase.

What are the dates for the program to begin and end?

The private coaching option is not available at this time.

How does the private coaching with Skye  work?

Expect to spend a minimum of 30-45 minutes per week working on videos and materials.

How Much Time will this require per week?

No, if you are considering a business or only working part time, this will work for you. What stops us from going full time are the inner issues that hold us back -- this is exactly what will be taught in this program.

Do I have to have a photography business?

Yes, each module will have numerous teaching videos. No fluff, only the proven methods of transformation. There may also be audio and text lessons as well 

Are there videos in each module?

The course will be dripped out one module at a time each Monday, but after all 9 modules have been released the course is yours to keep forever. The start date is Monday, January 9, 2023

Is there a time limit on the digital course?

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